Martignoni Revealed

Welcome ~ Martignoni Revealed analyzes the teachings of Catholic apologist Mr. John Martignoni, and his ministry the Bible Christian Society. Here you'll find critical analysis, thoughtful commentary, and challenging review of the teachings of John Martignoni and BCS. Topics such as Christianity, Catholicism, the Sacraments, Catholic doctrine, contemporary Christian apologetics, and more are examined as they relate to the teachings of Mr. Martignoni, and the traditional teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Because this site takes an objective and honest approach in addressing the inconsistencies, fallacies, and misinformation that's very often found in the teachings of the Bible Christian Society, it's likely there will be those that become offended, or even angry. Be assured that it's not my intention to cause pain to dedicated Catholics, or those who follow Mr. Martignoni's teachings. Still, the truth must be told. It's the truth found in the Bible that can often cause pain, but will eventually lead to Christ, for those who honestly seek Him. I simply urge you to objectively examine and consider the points made within these pages. Thank you for visiting, and may you be blessed in your search for truth.

Michael Patrick

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