About Me

My name is Michael Patrick, and I'm a Christian believer. Several years ago, I came upon a self proclaimed Catholic apologist named John Martignoni on a local radio station in my area. After listening to Mr. Martignoni teach Catholic apologetics for several months, it became apparent to me that thousands of his devoted listeners were getting incorrect information, and were being taught false concepts with regard to the Bible and Christianity. After thoughtful consideration and prayer, I came to the decision to challenge Mr. Martignoni on his teachings, but not in the same way others have. Rather than simply argue with Mr. Martignoni, I felt it best to show where his apologetics breaks down, and how he works to distribute bad information to Catholics, and others.

As a Christian apologist myself, I realized that John Martignoni is a sincere Catholic trying to do what he can to assist others in understanding the Catholic faith, but with all due respect to Mr. Martignoni and his organization BCS, he's doing more harm than good. Using various methods that include loose sound bites, bad snippets of information, and vague generalizations, Mr. Martignoni communicates what I consider to be harmful information that he claims Catholics can use to defend their faith, and he uses very weak apologetic techniques and methods to do so. The truth is that any Christian with a basic knowledge of Christianity should be able to dismantle Mr. Martignoni's arguments in a very short time. It's because many Catholics and Evangelical Christians don't understand the basic teachings of the Bible that Mr. Martignoni's organization exists, so I started this website as an alternative sounding board to BCS.

If you're a Catholic, this site exists to help you understand why John Martignoni and his organization the Bible Christian Society can't be trusted in matters of faith and Christian apologetics. If you're not a Catholic, but consider yourself Christian, this site exists to demonstrate how you can successfully argue your case against others who may have been mislead by Martignoni, and who feel they are now armed with Biblically correct information as they try to defend their faith. And if you're a non-believer all together, this site can help you see true Christian doctrine, and will hopefully keep you from following the inaccurate trails that John Martignoni lays down each day through his ministry the Bible Christian Society.

In His grip,
Michael Patrick

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